Bring Fresh Ocean Fare Anywhere

Bring Fresh Ocean Fare Anywhere

Seafood family packs are always a great idea

Pescatarians and shellfish lovers: it's time to rejoice. America's Choice Steak Company sells seafood family packs nationwide alongside our popular steak and chicken packs. Our frozen, prepackaged seafood is free of artificial flavors and preservatives. All you get is delicious, flavorful food.

You don't have to go to the beach to enjoy exceptional seafood. You can make delectable meals in your own kitchen with our help. Order seafood from America's Choice Steak Company today.

Explore new dinner ideas

It’s time to get creative with your meals. Our seafood packs come with six different seafood types. Yours can include exceptional offerings like:

  • Butterfly shrimp – perfect for grilled kabobs
  • Red shrimp – add them to pasta to elevate your dish
  • Snow crabs – ideal with lots of butter for dipping
  • Lemon pepper tilapia – good for a light dinner when served with broccoli
  • Flounder – the perfect fish for frying
  • Salmon – have it pan-seared, baked or grilled

What will you make tonight? Plan your dinners now by ordering seafood packs from us. You’ll love our high-quality food — we’re sure of it.