The America's Choice Steak Company Story

The America's Choice Steak Company Story


America's Choice Steak Company LLC is proud to be a family-owned and -operated organization. It was founded in 2013. We strive to have a customer-company relationship that feels like family. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority!

Meet The Family

The Owners

The founder of our company, Braxton, started in the food industry when he was just 18 years old. Since then, he has built his association into a top-notch beef distributor by focusing on the core values of his company. In 2015 Braxton decided to pursue a career with a pipeline company. Unfortunately, in 2016, he was involved in a head-on boat collision and a second incident 4 weeks later that nearly cost his life. The 2 pipeline incidents forced him into an early retirement at the age of 25. Braxton was diagnosed with PTSD and Quadriparesis. At that time, with no income coming in, Braxton's wife, Destiny had to then provide for their family. Destiny then took over the steak company for an income and traveled the U.S trying to promote the company and host events selling 20 Ribeyes for $30. Her main goal has been to create a relationship between the company and the customer. Destiny ran the entire company operation from permitting, driving, selling, promoting, marketing, to customer service, etc for the past three years while her husband Braxton has been recovering. Braxton is back in the work force with America's Choice and excited to see the companies growth.

As young entrepreneurs, Braxton and Destiny have always been driven to provide top-quality products, excellent customer service and competitive rates. By consistently following through with these goals, they have gained the trust of multiple businesses and everyday consumers as a reputable steak provider.

Sales/Operations Manager

Braxton's brother, Trey, works as the sales/operations manager., Before working with America's Choice Steak Company, he served our country in the Air Force and Army National Guard and served a tour in Iraq in 2005. He also worked in Law Enforcement throughout his home state of Mississippi. Always willing and eager to learn, Trey through strong work ethics, and leadership ability has been successful at managing multiple businesses; including major construction projects, promotional retail projects, a promotional retail company, and a pipeline transportation company. Since joining America's Choice Steak Company, Trey has managed day to day operations, fleet management, and sales. He also assist with handling communications with multiple local, state, and federal agencies for permitting, licensing, and transportation.

Data/Research Manager

Trey's wife, Elana acts as our data and research manager. She began her career in management at the age of 17 managing a major restaurant chain while attending Jones Junior College. A career in the food industry and serving the public has been her passion for many years. She has utilized her managerial skills to manage multiple financial institutions and a cable company. Dedicated to her family, Elana chose to leave the work force, homeschool her children and dedicate her time to her children's education. During this time, she has assisted her husband with managing their business ventures to include a transportation company and multiple construction projects. Since joining America's Choice Steak Company, Elana has been instrumental in managing the market research department.

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